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Akróasis s.r.l., based in Rome, represents a highly qualified team of professionals working in the language sector.
It offers external support (managing translations at all levels, from commercial letters to technical manuals) in order to provide customers, both in Italy and abroad, with high quality consultancy for all types of multiple language documents, thus removing all national and linguistic barriers.
Using its customer database, the Marketing staff establish direct contact with the various companies, so as to identify any specific needs and provide all the technical information required. The subsequent phase is managed by Production staff, who follow jobs from order to delivery.
Akróasis co-operates with its customers, carrying out careful study of the product and thorough examination of all reference material supplied by the companies themselves.
As well as its internal staff, Akróasis relies on a group of experienced mother-tongue translators, specialising in various fields, who only translate into their own mother-tongue. It is up to the Production staff to find the most suitable translator for each job. The customer may request that the same translators be used for every job. A list of terms is prepared for each job, and subjected for approval by the customer. Before delivery, a spelling and context check is carried out on all material and terms, in order to improve the quality of services still further. After revision, the files are delivered via internet.
The made-to-measure support provided for each customer, the essential contribution provided by associates, the efficient management, the speed with which jobs are carried out, but above all the interaction of continually evolving human and technological resources are the main principles on which Akróasis bases all its operations.
Via Filippo Re 16 - 00175 Roma - Tel.: +39 06 44249288 - Fax: +39 06 44249289 - info@akroasis.eu