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The valid support that is tailored to each customer, the essential contribution provided by assistants, the efficient management organisation, the speedy completion of work but above all the interaction of constantly evolving human and technological resources are the principles on which all Akrķasis s.r.l. operations are founded. Using their customer database, the Marketing Managers make direct contact with the various businesses, so as to identify specific needs, providing all the technical information required, both by telephone and in person.

The Production Managers intervene during the next phase, following the job from order to delivery. Akrķasis s.r.l. liases with its customers, and bases its work on careful study of the product together with careful examination of any reference material supplied by the companies themselves.

Before delivery of the material, spelling and terminology are checked to improve the quality of service still further.

After revision, the files are delivered VIA INTERNET.
Via Filippo Re 16 - 00161 Roma - Tel.: +39 06 44249288 - Fax: +39 06 44249289 - info@akroasis.eu